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Chico came from a Muslim family of Moroccan descent, he grew up poor and took up goat herding whilst still a child to compliment his family’s income; Chico had always dreamed of stardom, he began building his entertainment career at a young age, taking up martial art and joining a dance group.

First appearing on The X Factor in 2005, Chico quickly became one of the most easily recognisable music acts in the UK, and is still to this day.  Combining his eccentric personality and love of performing with the vibrant and camp theatrics of music hall Chico became known for his extravagant performances and self-mocking attitude; the British public latched on to Chico’s on-stage style and he became so popular that his first single, the aptly titled It’s Chico Time, rocketed to number 1 in the charts. Chico is a born entertainer and is still heavily involved in music and dance.