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Una Healey

Singer, songwriter and popstar Una Healy was always surrounded by music. Her uncle is Country and Irish legend Declan Nerney and her mother was a semi-professional singer and guitar player. Her mother was the first one to hand her a guitar and teach her a few chords. As her ambitions took shape, she continued writing through school, acing music exams by performing her own songs. Eventually, she moved up to Dublin, and relentlessly toured the city’s pub and club circuit. St Patrick’s Days were spent in Florida, playing ten-hour sets at Mickey Quinns pub in Indian Wells.
It wasn’t long before an audition lead her to meet four other singers. They became The Saturdays and racked up 13 Top Ten singles and five Top Ten albums in six years. Una cherishes that time but, with the band going on hiatus in 2014, her original singer-songwriter ambitions nagged at her like unfinished business. “It’s like I’ve gone full circle, back to the beginning,” she says, and she started putting her own solo album together,  “I’m calling the album The Waiting Game” she said, “because I’ve been waiting so long for this.”