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Ashley Banjo

Ashley Banjo is a street dancer and actor, and has become one of the leaders of an evolving dance industry. Having exploded onto the scene as the frontman to Britain’s Got Talent winners and dance troupe, Diversity. Ashley has become a household name and national treasure.

As a teenager, Ashley enjoyed street dancing and was teaching himself new routines by the age of fourteen. Ashley is one of the great innovators of the street dance genre and his choreography for Diversity proved to be a nationwide hit.

Unlike anything ever seen before on the talent show, Diversity changed the game for dance and Ashley’s cutting-edge choreography broke the mould. Ashley’s skills and talents were, and continue to be, highly sought-after. He quickly became a judge on Sky1’s Got to Dance.

He went on to front his own shows, Ashley Banjo’s Street Crew and Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance. Ashley has become one of the nation’s most-loved dance acts. With an endearing charisma and incredible professionalism, Ashley is a worldwide sensation.

Ashley continues to carve the creative path for for Diversity by creating 10 sell out nationwide tours. Performing breathtaking visuals for the largest of audiences and brands including The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend in 2022.