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Ruby Bhogal

The multi-talented Ruby Bhogal found fame in 2018 as a contestant on Channel 4’s hugely popular competition series The Great British Bake Off. As a Bake Off finalist, Ruby stole the show with her bubbly personality and glamorous appearance, swiftly becoming a favourite with fans, judges and contestants alike.

Ruby’s personal Instagram and Twitter accounts are extremely popular, with a combined following of over 140,000. A strong, self-assured and intelligent woman, Ruby is more than just a star baker: she is a philanthropist, health and fitness enthusiast, fashion and beauty influencer. As a style-conscious fashionista, she has a keen interest in beauty – but is a strong advocate of cruelty-free products, working alongside charities to further the cause.

With a degree in Architecture and Construction, she is also eager to promote the cause of “Women in Business”, especially in the construction industry. An avid traveller with both Indian and African heritage, Ruby is looking forward to exploring more of the world: she has plans to rediscover her roots, travelling and learning new culinary skills to add to her ever-growing arsenal.