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Sandi Bogle

Sandi Bogle, who has lived in Brixton for almost half a century was unemployed when she landed her life changing role on Channel 4’s hottest reality TV show Gogglebox. Her cousin is the supermodel Naomi Campbell, who actually featured in a charity special of her relative’s show Gogglebox.
The outgoing and hilarious TV fanatic and her childhood friend Sandra Martin have been on the show Gogglebox since series one in 2013. Sandi and Sandra were spotted in a pub and approached by someone connected to the show. Years down the line and Sandi is still enjoying her fame and putting it to good use, saying
“There’s enough negativity in the world, so for people to watch the show and feel happy when they see me is great.”
From February 2019, Sandi starred in the Channel 4 four part series Famous and Fighting Crime that follows celebrities as they join the police in tackling crime on the streets of the UK. She has also appeared on other TV programmes like The Nightly Show, and released her own single called Casanova. Sandi is available for presenting, brand partnerships and live singing performances.