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Lunar Talent offer a variety of professional services, managed in house for optimum efficiency.
Our agents have specialist knowledge of talent availability, location, work background, skills, and contractual commitments, meaning you get an instant head start to securing the right talent for your needs.

Talent Sourcing

Influencer Marketing

Live Bookings

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Personal Appearances

Corporate Entertainment

After Dinner Speakers

Booking an after dinner speaker is a great way to generate extra interest in your event and guaranteed to drive ticket sales.

Ultimately the speaker is brought in to entertain your audience, they may deliver a 20 minute stand up comedy routine, they may be a specialist in the business type concerned, or they may simply be a well known and respected personality from the world of sport, business or music who will deliver anecdotal stories of their conquests to entertain your audience.

Use Lunar Talent to book your next after-dinner speaker.

Corporate Entertainment

Corporate parties, awards evenings, presentations and business dinners are all a great ways of bringing your business and clients closer together.

Having a night to celebrate your hard work and let your hair down with your business partners, staff and colleagues can be a great team building opportunity and motivator. As soon as the formalities are out of the way its time for the entertainment. Lunar talent supply comedians, bands, singers, magicians, speakers, dance acts and many more to help make some of the most memorable nights possible.

Use Lunar Talent to book the entertainment for your next corporate event.

Event Presenting and Hosting

When you’ve planned the perfect event, you need the right presenter or host to add the finishing touches and help deliver the message. Booking the right presenter is essential as they are the face of your event, they break the ice and are the glue that bonds the whole event together.

This could be a well known figure in your industry, a radio or TV presenter, newsreader, business mogul or sporting hero. Lunar talent only provide the very best. We work with the most reliable, trusted and well respected presenters and hosts in the game and will work with your vision to select the perfect person to make this event one that you and your colleagues will look back fondly on for years to come.

Use Lunar Talent to book your event presenter or celebrity host.

Talent Sourcing

Having worked directly with talent, management, and many PR briefs over the years, we have acquired an invaluable knowledge of what works for brands and celebrities alike.

Our brand ambassadors have been featured on multiple platforms and assisted in the rapid growth of some of the UK’s top 100 companies. If our roster doesn’t suit the project, we are happy to source and negotiate with any other particular celebrity the client may be interested in working with.

Due to our reputation, past experiences and alliances with leading management companies we are able to take all the stress out of the process and source the talent at the best price possible.

Use Lunar Talent as your talent sourcing agency for your next celebrity or ambassador collaboration.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing has changed in recent years, and influencer marketing has taken over or been prioritised by many companies budgets. With influencer marketing still on the rise our agents will be able to advise of relevant social media influencers, and which relevant profiles are able to get your product or service seen by the masses. Promotions work really well over short and long term.

Use Lunar Talent as your Influencer Marketing Agency to give your brand a boost.

Live Bookings

Having been on both sides of the booking, as performers and working in a live agency, we understand every aspect of a professional and well executed show. Whether you require a 3-4 track live set, corporate performance, festival set, or a headline show, our agents will be able to assist.

Use Lunar Talent as your Live Agency to have their experience assist with your next event.

Celebrity Consulting

With over 15 years experience our agents have encountered nearly all scenarios relating to the celebrity world. Speaking with talent, management, brands and venues on a daily basis, we are in the know. We can offer a celebrity consulting service on a bespoke basis.

Use Lunar Talent as your celebrity consultants.

Personal Appearances

Perfect for an annual or one-off event. Personal appearances bring attention to your brand or business. Our agents supply talent for a vast array of events including, store openings, shopping centre promotions, nightclub appearances, ribbon cuttings, Christmas light switch-ons, corporate parties and private events. Lunar represents a great selection of popular talent who are available for a personal appearance at your event.

Use Lunar Talent to book your next celebrity personal appearance.

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is a great PR boost for any company large or small. A simple advert, video, testimonial or quote will makes your brand or business instantly more relatable to the public, giving your campaign instant appeal. Using a popular, trusted public figure turns heads, generates instant interest in your company, and gives your business premium validation in the eyes of your potential clients, instilling trust that your company is the right choice for them.

Lunar talent have years of experience helping brands create many successful campaigns and a log lasting impact, by working with the brand to select the supply the perfect celebrity to send the campaign message into every home in the UK.

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